Community Groups

Welcome to our community groups. We are working towards revamping our current groups, so not all of them may be active at the moment.


Here are the currently active groups

  • Drawing the Human Figure - This group features a regular study group as well as challenges. Join this group to hone your figure drawing ability.
  • Illustration & Concept Art - Join this group to try your hand at the weekly illustration Challenge. This group helps you build your conceptual and illustration skills.
  • Cartoons, Comics and Caricatures - If you've always wanted to build your cartooning skills, this is the group for you. Cartoons aren't just for kids. Learn to tell complex stories or provide cartoon commentary on burning issues of the day using simple shapes. Join the weekly comic challenge and upcoming cartoon challenges.


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  • Drawing the Human Figure Drawing the Human Figure

    282 Members

    Latest Activity: Sep 4, 2023

    Here for the Discord Server Link for the HFD group? Click here.

    About HFD

    This group is dedicated to the human figure. If your figure drawing skills are…

  • Cartoons and Caricatures Cartoons and Caricatures

    112 Members

    Latest Activity: Jun 22, 2023

    Love drawing comics cartoons and caricatures? This group is for you. Share, talk, draw.

    Weekly Challenges

    This group features weekly challenges.

    • Enjoy stortelling in sequential and narrative art forms? You will…
  • Illustration and Concept Art Illustration and Concept Art

    73 illustrators

    Latest Activity: Jul 12, 2023

    If you are a working illustrator who wants to stay in shape or a budding one, wanting to build a portfolio of illustrations, this group is for you.

    Weekly Challenges

    We have kicked off…