About us

Welcome to Penciljam. It's great to have you here. This is a 15 year old community for people who draw on location. Penciljam was founded to spread awareness and to kindle interest in our shared local histories and culture.

Our community members use the magic of sketching to document their environments and present new perspectives of the spaces we share.

Penciljam has conducted over 600 weekend jams in Bangalore alone, conducts outreach activities to spread awareness on fields such as sketch-reportage, visual documentation and on-location sketching.

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A sketch of the weapons display at the Bangalore Museum.



Getting Started

If you are new to the community, the very first thing to do is sign up for community membership on this site as well as our Discord Server.

Membership is free and you will receive complete access to curated videos and can begin participating in learning groups and weekend jams.

You can also start exploring sections of this website that were not visible to non-members before.

Finally, you may find the FAQs useful - for things like shutting off too many emails, or how to upload images.