• Ownership: All the artwork uploaded by you is your property, and you are it’s owner. Respect the ownership of other artists as well.
  • Crediting people: If you have copied from a painting, photograph or some other source, always credit the original artist in your description of the work.
  • Tagging: Always tag your art-work to indicate the medium, location and art material that you have used. This makes finding specific artworks easy.
  • Be friendly: Great communities are those where people encourage one another. Leave encouraging comments for other artists. Be gracious to those who comment on your work.
  • Don’t spam: We don’t tolerate spammers. Who can? Please post content that is relevant to the visual-arts. If the moderators feel that the content is spam, both the content and the poster will be banned from the community.

That's it, go on and start posting!